The Hotel


Metro «VDNKh» – 500 м

Metro «Alexeyevskaya» – 850 м

VDNKh – 1 км

Ostankino – 2 км

Moscow Kremlin – 10 км

Moscow Botanical Garden – 2,5 км

Hotel rooms:

Viva Hotel would like to offer you comfortable rooms:

15 standard double rooms with king size beds,

2 twin rooms,

2 junior suites

and 3 suites.


  • Well-sized rooms with high ceilings
  • Air Conditioning
  • Conditioned smoking booth at hotel corridor;
  • Free WI-FI;
  • Laundry;
  • Parking (150 rubles/night)

Comfortable hotel near VDNKh

Viva Hotel features 55 comfortable rooms and offers excellent service and top-class facilities for the comfort of its guests. The hotel is located in just over five-ten minutes’ walk to VDNKh Metro Station, putting the city center, including Red Square and the Kremlin, under 20 minutes’ journey time away. As well as the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VVTs), sights of interest in the neighborhood including the Cosmonautics Memorial Museum, housed underneath the spectacular Space Obelisk, and Ostankino Park with its beautiful 19th century wooden palace, home to a large museum of traditional Russian arts and crafts.


VDNKh – 1 км

The All-Russian Exhibition Center (better known by its old name of VDNKh) is occasionally referred to as “Soviet Disneyland”. Now a decaying relic of the Soviet Union, the VDNKh grounds served as a monument to the glory of the USSR and an answer the the West’s World Fairs. In the area you can see the most majestic examples of Soviet architecture. Today VDNKh (pronounced V-D-N-Hah) is a favorite spot for Muscovites and tourists to stroll around on a nice day.

VDNKh’s Pavilions – The sprawling complex of the All-Russian Exhibition Center is dotted with many pavilions dedicated to the various republics of the Soviet Union and their economic achievements. Today the pavilions no longer serve as exhibition halls, but in fact are filled with small shops. The House of the Soviet People (pictured above) is filled with clothing stores, electronics, and cafes. Different pavilions have different specialties which are noted by signs above the entrance.

Friendship of the Nations Fountain – Located directly behind the main pavilion, the Friendship of the Nations fountain was built to glorify the Soviet people. All the statues in the center are covered with gold which creates a beautiful reflection in the sun. In the warmer months children and adults alike can be seen splashing around in the fountain.

VDNKh’s Amusement Park – On a nice day it’s worth heading over to All-Russian Exhibition Center’s small collection of theme park rides. There are two small roller coasters, a merry-go-round, and best of all, a Ferris wheel. Take a 10 minute ride (250 rubles for a closed car and 300 rubles for an open car) around the Ferris wheel and get a great view of the Moscow skyline.

Ostankino – 2 км

Erected in 1967, Moscow’s Ostankino TV and BC Tower is the second tallest free-standing building in the world. It has a structural weight of over 55,000 tons.

Standing 1,771 feet (540 metres) tall, the Ostankino Tower is something of an architectural surprise in a city that is not known for its skyscrapers. It takes just 58 seconds for visitors to reach the Tower’s observation deck. Located at a height of 1,105 feet (337 metres) from the ground, this observatory presents an entirely new perspective of Moscow. Just below the observation deck are the three dining rooms of The Seventh Heaven, a restaurant serving up delicious European cuisine as well as traditional Russian dishes.

More than a tourist attraction, the Ostankino TV & BC Tower transmits the signals of 11 television stations, 12 radio-broadcasting stations and 17 satellite TV programmes distributed through the wireless telecommunication network.

The Ostankino Estate – 2 км

The Ostankino Estate is an architectural ensemble of the XVII-XVIII centuries that used to be the out-of-town residence of Counts Sheremetevi. Apart from the Trinity church, the residence territory’s oldest building which was built in the 1680s, several other buildings have also persisted, such as the main building of the palace-theater, the kitchen pavilion (this building was restored with the use of the old technical drawings in the late 80s of the XX century), and the so called “Entertainment park” which adjoins the estate from the north. Fortunately, the planning of the park has been very well maintained and even today it is the same as it used to be in the last decade of the XVIII century.

Nowadays the Ostankino museum-estate, which received its first visitors on 1 May 1919, is the heart of the architectural and park ensemble.

The palace-theater of the Ostankino estate had been designed by F. Kamporezi and V. Brenna, and then it was built by Russian architects P. Argunov, A. Mironov and G. Dikushin in the period between 1792 and 1799.

Today this palace is the world’s only monument of architecture that is an entirely wooden construction that has retained numerous authentic interiors and theatrical mechanisms of the end of the XVIII century within its walls. The great-halls of the theater foyer, the make-up rooms for serf actors, the branch of theatrical machinery and the furnace rooms of the palace-theater had never been exposed to a large-scale restoration until recently.

Viva Hotel neqr VDNKh, Moscow

Moscow is one of the most notable cities in Europe, home to a number of record-breaking attractions including Europe’s tallest skyscraper. However, it’s the city’s world-renowned architecture of centuries-old cathedrals and historic Kremlin, and its strong connection to Russian culture that draws millions of visitors every year. Being the most populated city in Europe, you can be assured diversity throughout with experiences ranging from exhilarating sport to artistic performances and archaeological museums to frenetic clubs. Come and see this beautiful and vibrant city and stay in our cozy hotel!